1- With no internet connection available, you will be looking at the “Page Loading Error” Page

2. Navigate to the System Settings option and press OK

3. With Network highlighted press OK

4. Navigate down to Wireless (WiFi) and press OK

5. With Auto DHCP highlighted press OK

6. Locate and navigate to your WiFi network ID and press OK

7. Navigate down to Key or Passphrase and press the Keyboard button

8. Using the keyboard input your WiFi networks password. When complete press Info or press OK on the Enter button

9. Navigate down to Network Info and press OK

10. Navigate down to Wireless (WiFi) and press OK

11. If connected to the internet, your Link Status should show as “UP”, and the IP Address, Gateway and DNS settings should be populated

Press Exit and return to the System Settings screen.

12. Navigate to Restart Portal and press OK

13. Press OK again for confirmation

14. If you have made internet connection then your IPTV Portal will load up

And you will shortly have access to your IPTV channels.

1- Log in to your Account.
2- Click on view button on my subscriptions tab.
3- Click change payment button and enter your new credit card information.